BFTI Europe, UAB is leading Engine Rebuilding Equipment supplier


    Main specialization of the company - sale of machines and tooling for engine rebuilding workshops.

    The engine rebuilding machines we supply are top choice for automotive, industrial, motorcycle, marine and other engine rebuild.



5 Axis CNC Digitizing/Porting and Machining Center


The EM69P is able to machine engine blocks such as boring, surfacing, line boring, lightening and additional machining requirements.


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Rottler EM100 SERIES

Extra Heavy Duty, Multi Purpose CNC Machining Centers Machinery


The EM100 Series machines are all capable of performing jobs on diesel engines, but the EM107H and EM109H machines are manufactured specifically to handle the world’s biggest and heaviest engine blocks.


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TV 1200



The device is designed to check the tightness of the cavity of the cooling jacket cylinder heads, by supplying air under pressure from 0 to 10 bar and a temperature of the working fluid 90, the temperature of the working fluid operating an internal combustion engine. Testing takes place in water, thermal insulating bath made of stainless steel.


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Success is based on High Quality and Efficiency of the product we supply


    We work to build long-term and reliable cooperation with our customers, providing them with high-quality products and services.


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